Bike SA urges against changing cycling on footpath rules for now Posted 9 minutes ago

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Bike SA urges against changing cycling on footpath rules for now Posted 9 minutes ago

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South Australia's peak cycling organisation Bike SA says changes to cycle rules should run their 12-month introductory period before any changes are considered.

The SA Opposition wants amendments to the Road Traffic Act to let pedestrians claim medical expenses through third party insurance if they are injured by a cyclist.

It also wants a 10kph speed limit imposed for cyclists who ride on footpaths, one of the rule changes the State Government allowed.

Bike SA chief executive Christian Haag said any such speed limit would be hard to monitor and could put people off using their bicycles.

"Reasonable concerns that the broader community have in regards to safety of pedestrians are very valid and of course it's very early days for these new laws, but I think we'd not seek to see a kneejerk reaction that would impose more barriers for those people who do want to ride their bike," he said.

Liberal frontbencher David Pisoni said a 10kph speed limit would be a modest change to the recently introduced rules.

"A 10kph limit represents jogging speed and is also the speed that most gophers are limited to," he said.

"[It would let] cyclists continue to share footpaths with pedestrians but minimise the risk of injury if there is a collision."

Mr Pisoni said the Opposition wanted to help injured pedestrians if they were unable to identify the cyclist who hit them, by widening the definition of a "nominal defendant" in the traffic legislation.

This change would treat a bicycle on a road or footpath the same as an unregistered or unidentified motor vehicle, he said.

But the Bike SA chief executive pointed out that Adelaide cyclists and pedestrians had long shared the city's Linear Park walking and cycling path with few problems.

"The Centre for Road Safety in SA have expressed the view that there is in fact no evidence that they can find that sharing the footpath between pedestrians and cyclists actually increases the crash risk and injury risk for pedestrians," Mr Haag said.

He said a 10kph speed limit for bicycles on footpaths would be impractical. ... ys/7414180

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