Before Breakfast Belly

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Before Breakfast Belly

Postby Sean » Tue Dec 19, 2017 9:57 pm

Delaying breakfast in the early morning can have unintended beneficial consequences. It is almost the time of the Summer Solstice; the earliest mornings of the year for the longest day. The shortest night.

Not enough time to wait until dark, read an excellent Courtenay hard-cover by the lamp light, and still get 7.5 hours of sleep before first light. This week has involved shooting and publishing the sunrise in the middle of the sleep - going back to bed after sunrise is posted and cooking breakfast four hours later. This morning it seemed just unbleary enough through these eyes to stay awake after sunrise and 'veg out' whilst preparing breakfast without haste, being half asleep.

Sitting here at the desk watching the news on tv over the second cup of tea & honey with breakfast on hold halfway through the boil-fry process, the occasional gurgling sound from down in the stomach draws attention focus from the tv and computer screen to the dull hunger pangs which are normally slept through, as breakfast until this week has been cooked and served directly after sunrise, leaving no time to properly notice the final notes except to hurry up and cook and shoot faster - bring on the gluttony.

Now, having had time to think it over, the dull stomach pain feels similar to the pain in the calf muscles and front quadriceps running up hills in the last half of a marathon, and there IS a name for it: Lactic Acid! There are 9/5ths more calories in a kilo of fat than a kilo of carbohydrates, but burning fat produces lactic acid, whereas carbohydrates do not, so that is why our bodies prefer carbs to fats to energise us.

When the carbs are all used up, we burn fat to function physically, and that makes lactic acid, and that gives us dull, friendly pain, like a signal: SLOW DOWN! HAVE FEED! to remind us what to do. This time awakened without breakfast is doing rare wonders to the decimation of the visceral fat in my old belly. It is a good reason to have another cup of tea & honey before breakfast and enjoy the slimming process.
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