Tuesday Breakfast

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Tuesday Breakfast

Postby Sean » Tue Dec 19, 2017 12:38 am

Broccoli & sliced-mushrooms parboiled with salt, pepper, crushed-chillies, garam-massala, ground-tumeric & tandooi-seasoning, then fried with egg x 1, *butter-beans x 205g, onion x 1/2, tomato x 1/2, pineapple-slice x 1, chese-single-slice x 1, salt, pepper, tuscan-seasoning & +frypan juice with tea & honey.

* because I get too hungry before 5pm I have upped the daily dosage from 1/3 of a can of beans to 1/2 a 410g can.

+ fresh can of butter beans and plenty of pineapple juice from that can too - Goldilocks would approve of the frypan-juice.
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